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Semar: People of the Javanese Wayang

Village Chief Badranaya Kyai Semar is the name of the main character in panakawan Javanese and Sundanese wayang. This figure is reported as a caretaker and advisor of the knights in the play stories Mahabharata and Ramayana. Of course, Semar's name was not found in the original manuscript is both epic Sanskrit language, because this is a genuine character of the poet's creation of Java.

History Semar

According to the historian, Prof.. Dr. Slamet Muljana, Semar figure was first found in literary works titled Majapahit era Sudamala. In addition in the form Kakawin, Sudamala story also carved reliefs in the temple as a numbered years Sukuh 1439.

Semar is reported as a servant or servants of the story the main character, namely Sahadewa of the Pandavas. Of course, Semar role not only as followers, but also as a hurler of humor to defuse a tense atmosphere.

In the next era, when the Islamic kingdoms developed in Java, wayang was used as a propaganda medium. The stories are still performed around the Mahabharata who was already strong in the memory embedded Java community. One well-known scholars as cultural experts, such as Sunan Kalijaga. In the puppet play, a character Semar still maintained its existence, even more active role than in Sudamala story.

In a further development, increasing the degree of Semar again. Javanese poets in the literary works they told Semar is not just ordinary commoners, Batara melaikan Ismaya embodiment, brother of Guru, the king of the gods.

The Origin and Birth

Semar painting style Surakarta.Terdapat several versions of the birth or origin of Semar. But all this character called the embodiment of god.

Fiber in the script narrated Kanda, celestial ruler named Trance Nurrasa has two sons named Trance Trance singles and authorities. Because Trance Singles ugly, it also inherited the throne of heaven to Trance authorities. From Trance authorities then passed to his son named Guru Yeng. Trance singles later became caretaker of the descendants of Guru knights, with the name of Semar.

Physical form Semar

Semar has a physical form which is very unique, as if he is a symbol of the universe depictions.His round was a symbol of the earth, where humanity and other creatures.

Semar is always smiling, but the puffy-eyed. This representation as a symbol of joy and sorrow.His face was old but stylish haircut tuft like a child, as a symbol of old and young. She male pairs, but had breasts like a woman, as a symbol of men and women. He is the incarnation of a god but to live as the commoners, as a symbol of superiors and subordinates.

Privileges Semar

Semar is a character puppet creations of local poets. Despite its status only as a servant, but parallel to King keluhurannya Krishna in the Mahabharata story. If the war Baratayuda according to the original version, the adviser to the Pandavas Krishna only one, then the puppet, the number increased to two, and the other is Semar.

Semar in literature is shown only as a descendant of Resi Manumanasa caregivers, especially the Pandavas who are the main characters story of the Mahabharata. But in staging the Ramayana themed puppet, the puppeteer is also used to display the Semar as a family caregiver or Sugriwa Sri Rama. As if Semar always appear in every performance puppets, no matter what the title was told.

In wayang, Semar act as caretakers knight class, while Togog as caretakers of the giant. Can certainly foster children can overcome Semar always Togog foster care. This is actually a mere symbol. Semar is a picture of the little people mix and celestial gods. So, if the government - which is symbolized as the knight farm Semar - listening to the little people who like the voice of God, then the state would lead to superior nagara and prosperous.

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