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Legend of Jaka Tarub

Jaka Tarub is a handsome young man who has supernatural power. He often went out into the woods to hunt or of knowledge. When one day at a full moon night he entered the forest, from the distance he heard the faint sound of women who were joking. Impelled by curiosity, Jaka Tarub running for directions to the voices. Until finally he found a very beautiful lake in the middle of the woods, along with 7 people a very beautiful woman taking a bath and joking ria.

With sediment-ngendap, Jaka Tarub walked over. Then she found the clothes these women are lying scattered. After choosing, he stole one of them and hide them.

Some time went by and the angel was about to return to Khayangan. 6 of them wearing their clothing and fabrics, then flew into the night sky. Then Jaka Tarub understand if the women are angels Khayangan. But an angel left in the lake. Since losing her clothes she could not return to the sky and then burst into tears.

"If there is to find clothes and kainku, when a man I'll make my husband and when the woman I'll make you," vowed the angel. Jaka Tarub then reveal itself and entertain the angels. He gave a piece of cloth to wear the angel, but still hide his clothes so he could fly to Khayangan left. The angel then fulfill his vow and married to Jaka Tarub.

(There is another version where Nawang Wulan not need to swear like that. When Nawang Wulan crying on the lake, Jaka Tarub appeared immediately and comfort, and it offers a place to stay for Nawang Wulan until they finally get married)

Nawang Wulan angel's name, since married to Jaka Tarub living. The harvest is plentiful and the barn was always full of rice without ever needy. Clothing Nawang Wulan Jaka Tarubhidden in the barn that was always full. They were blessed with a child (could be boys or girls, depending on the version of the story) and live happily.

But after a long marriage life, curiosity terusiklah Tarub Jaka. Every day he and his family always eat rice, but the barn is always not as though nothing less rice they used to eat.

Nawang Wulan One day to go to a river. He told the husband to keep the fire in the kitchen, but forbade him to open the lid the pot (in other versions, Nawang Wulan prohibit even Jaka Tarub to enter the kitchen). Jaka Tarub doing her message, but curiosity had buried long ago finally make it violates the ban already booked. She opened the lid on the pot and it turned out there was only one grain of rice. Apparently during this Nawang Wulan requires only a grain of rice to meet the needs of the family of rice a day.

When Nawang Wulan home and opened the lid the pot, there is only a grain of rice in it. Nawang Wulan angry because her husband had violated the ban, and he became upset because since then he had to cook the rice as normal human beings. He was working too hard to pound rice into a lot of rice before the rice menanaknya.

The result for continuous use, over time the rice supply in the barn Jaka Tarub dwindling. Slowly but surely, the rice they grew up, while the harvest is still not arrived.

When Nawang Wulan someday return to take grain to be ground, he saw a protruding piece of cloth behind a pile of rice. When pulled and reviewed, Nawang Wulan remembered if it is bidadarinya clothes. "Apparently Jaka Tarub been hiding my clothes. And because the content of the barn continued to decrease in the end I could find it again. This would have been the will of the Above, "he thought.

Nawang Wulan bidadarinya then dressed and took the cloth. He then met Jaka Tarub to say goodbye and ask for their child care carefully. Jaka Tarub implored her not to leave, but was meant to Nawang Wulan to return to Khayangan and leave him. "Dahilan me when I saw the moon. I will entertain you from up there, "said Nawang Wulan. He was then flown to the sky to Khayangan, leaving Jaka Tarub who wept in remorse.

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